Saturday, 6 September 2008

How does my garden grow!

I try and grow a few peppers in pots in my front porch. Every year they seem to do well except for the infestation of aphids that invade as soon as they take root. I even made up a concoction of boiling rhubarb leaves and mixing with soap flakes as a natural remedy. It was not successful. Tried a chemical hubby bought from the garden centre and still they come back. I am forever cleaning up the mess they make on the windows and the shelf. However the peppers seem to be thriving as you can see below.

The other plant that is thriving is this white geranium I was given it by a neighbour at the beginning of last winter. We potted it and hoped for the best. It seemed to survive even with no heating in the porch. It went out into one of my front urns and had really thrived, wish I had remembered to take a photo a bit earlier as it is beginning to look a little dishevelled after all the rain.