Saturday, 7 June 2008

Nemesia confetti

This is a pretty plant that flowers throughout the summer.


Anonymous said...

Nemesia denticulata confetti. Only just discovered the name of this gem of a plant. Needs little or no care but produces a profusion of flowers throughout the summer.
My plant is now 2 years old and has survived, outdoors, in a container in N Ireland climate. Garden is sheltered though and last two winters have been mild.Wonder where I can buy other varieties?

ChrisB said...

hello anonymous this one and several others are at least 10 yrs old only 2 are in pots I take off the top compost each yr and add fresh, they get some feed and do just fine. In fact this was not the best photo. I'm not sure about other varieties. I bought one for my friend but her's didn't survive. The ones I have in containers is at the back of the house and always in the shade of the house; So having no sun you would not expect them to do that well.