Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Glass Ceiling

I saw this glass ceiling in Las Vegas, it was just so pretty!!


lisa marie said...

That is so pretty! I think my neck would hurt from looking up so long. :)


Recgonized that one; looks almost like mine. We live 90 minutes from Las Vegas, so we get up there often.

Over at Wynn's they have beautiful huge umbrellas hanging from the ceiling - if you get over there, there are great shots to be had.

It was a bit un-nerving seeing the name Lisa Marie - that's my daughter's name; it's not her, but she's now 48, and I don't often see that name.

Anyway, back to enjoying your photos. Diane

ChrisB said...

Hi Diane
thank you for visiting me. I really enjoyed my one and probably only trip to Las Vegas, it is a few years ago now.